Year 6 Camp

Thank you to all of the children and staff who attended the Year 6 week long expedition to Morfa Bay in Saundersfoot, Wales. We had 5 wonderful days of adventurous activities which included caving, a cliff abseil, a woodland scramble (wet suiting it up a river bed and crawling through mud), archery, mountain biking, a hike to Tenby, orienteering, a Wold War 1 trench experience and the famous mud assault course.

Children were excellent throughout and many of the instructors and shop owners complimented us on our manners.

It was a pleasure to attend and observe the children thriving under pressure. I was very impressed with their kindness, support for each other and organisational skills.

A big thank you to the instructors and staff at Morfa Bay and to all of our amazing staff  and governors who volunteer to attend and make this trip possible. Their care for the children and encouragement were first class and ensured the children had an amazing experience.

Pics to follow.