Time To Say Goodbye

What a wonderful last week it has been with our 2 Year 6 classes, Darwin and Parks. They are leaving us later today with so many special memories to remember them by.

On Wednesday they gave us 2 exceptional performances, highlighting just how much they have grown up and developed since their first day here at PPS 7 years ago. It was a performance that highlighted their character, camaraderie, confidence and talent. We were super proud!

Thursday meant a welcome trip to the Lido in the morning and back in the evening for a leaving do that will live long in our hearts.

Yesterday saw an exceptionally moving Leavers Service to a packed hall. All I will say is that it was emotional!

So as we get ready to say our final goodbyes, a big thank you to all 60 children and their families for 7 years of magic. We are proud of each one of them and will miss them dearly. 

We know that they have a very exciting future ahead of them and will do very well in the next phase of their education. 

It is the "circle of life" but it doesn't get any easier to see them leave the school for the final time.

What do yo call a cohort of year 6 children? Well there is no doubt that the collective noun should be, "a Pride!"

Thanks to all the staff, FOS and the Year 6 parent committee that helped make their last week with us so special!

Well done Jude, Judy and Vanessa, Lucy, Claire and Liv especially!