Safer Internet Day 2019

Today and across this week children will be taking part in activities to develop their understanding of staying safe on line.

The internet and social media offer many fantastic tools and opportunities for us but these do not come without some risk, which at PPS we see as 4 fold, in this unregulated space.

1. The risk to children from strangers, whether that be online grooming, fraud or the damage that internet trolls can do.

2. The damage to children's wellbeing that the often unrealistic expectations that are portrayed on social media that can be damaging to wellbeing, confidence and self -steem, as well as sexualised and or unhelpful portrayal of women and girls.

3. Peer on Peer abuse. In this unregulated and unsupervised space children take risks and can behave in a way that they wouldn't around adults. Online this behaviour can be recorded and follow children later in life. Swearing, teasing and name calling are some examples and at the extreme end this can include sexting or the posting of inappropriate images.

4. Access to damaging and harmful websites that are unsuitable for children including pornography, graphic violence and, as you may have seen in the news recently, sites that glorify or encourage self-harm.

Please ensure that you regularly supervise your children and are aware of their online activity. Make clear your own rules and expectations and monitor that they are sticking to them.

Please check your internet settings which can be used to block access to some sites.

Consider removing devices from children after a certain time so that they are not staying up late playing games or are on line in group chats.

If you have any concerns please drop in to school and have a chat with a class teacher or school leader.

As a school we can promote and educate your children. If they are to truly stay safe they will need your support, guidance, supervision and boundaries while they grow in maturity and become better able to find their own safe path online.