Proud To Be Me - Friday 24th May -Non Uniform Day

I am delighted to share that our anti-bullying ambassadors have declared the last day of term as a non-uniform day.

We really admire the way that younger children dress to express themselves without fear or concern for what other think and are just proud to express themselves.

Next Friday dress to impress and express what makes you special. This could be a uniform like cubs or rainbows, a team kit, national dress or just an outfit that shows off your personality.

On this day you can choose to go as wacky or as sensible as you like. You can accessorize your hair or use colours, just as long as after half term you are back to your natural look.

So be loud and proud of who you. In PHSE classes will be celebrating diversity and focusing on respect for each other.

This is not a fundraising day just a child led activity to support our anti-bulllying strategy.