Portishead Sea Bin

On Tuesday we were delighted to have been part of the launch of Portishead's Sea bin, a national first. The team launching the bin attended school and delivered a whole school assembly and then the school council attended the official launch at the harbour where you can see it helping to clean the environment.

This follows the school's amazing work on climate change which we see as helping to deliver the Global Citizen aspect of our school vision. Last year our theme for Excellence Week was recycling. The outcomes can be seen in our school library.

In May Year 4 produced a stunning play with a very powerful environmental message which we were extremely proud of and was shared by the whole school and picked up by Harvard associates.

We recycle crisp packets, plastic, paper and much more. The school council and governors are committed to making our impact on the environment a strategic goal in a 3 year plan we will be drafting in July.

Mrs Merriam has some very exciting plans to link this with the school house system which she has been working on with the school council.

Please see the link below to the news piece we were featured on.