Many Wow Day make A Wow First Week

Standing at the gate I see all sorts of things as life rolls past the school every morning.

One of the things I miss most during the summer break is the wonder of children walking down the hill ready for the start of a new topic, dressed up for their wow days.

My wow moment of the week so far was seeing a living Statue of Liberty striding down the hill in all her finery, torch proudly held aloft. The magic of memory making in action before my very eyes. I am not sure there are too many jobs that bring off this much awe and wonder.

So as our first week ends, thanks very much to our families for supporting the curriculum and to our amazing staff for planning these special activities that bring learning to life and make school so much fun.

We have seen an American Day, children mummifying tomatoes, aliens and astronauts landing, been visited by the Explorer Dome and Year 6 have visited the Lifeskills Centre in Bristol (paid for by the Friends of School). 

Our values this term are: I am humble. I show confidence. I value pride. 

We are humble enough to know that we can continue to improve our school and develop as professionals. Confident that our team will make this a wonderful year for your children. Proud of the children here, our staff team and the great job this school does.

We look forward to many more awesome weeks in the new school year.