Key Stage 2 Talent Show -Woweeeeeee! Unbelievable!

As the Autumn term draws to a close the whole school was treated to a wonderful celebration of the talent within Years 3 to 6.

This morning children showcased their singing, dancing, comedy, gymnastics and musicianship. The talent was awe inspiring.

It really was a pleasure to allow the children this oportunity to perform infront of their peers and shows us some of the special talents and skills that they have honed outside of school. Their hard work and passion is having unbelievable results.

Mr Riordan, alongside Doug and Mrs Jenkins decided not to award a winner. We were so impressed with the talent and confidence of the children performing in our packed hall that any other result would not have appropriate.

Well done to all of the performers and thanks to the rest of the children for being such a great audience.

The show was brought to a close by the unique singing style of our combined staff choir singing, "Do They Know it's Christmas". George Michael would have been proud.

Do end of terms get any better than this?