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Fire Safety Training in School- Fire Safety at Home

Last night teaching staff enjoyed a very thorough extended staff meeting covering all the information required to keep children, adults and the school building safe from fire. Support staff took part in their during the recent INSET day.

This training compliments our very thorough risk assessments, safety checks, audits and the regular evacuation drills we do.

Staff even had the enjoyment of setting off training extinguishers to prepare themselves should we ever need to deal with an incident. That said, our primary focus will always be the evacuation of the building!

Much of what we learnt was also appropriate to homes as well. It is well worth reflecting on:

  • How often do we all check and change the batteries in our fire alarms? 
  • Do we know how to tun the mains gas supply off?
  • When we remove our keys from the font door at night, are they kept in a place we could access them to get out in an emergency?
  • Do we own a powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket?
  • If we leave our children at home because they are old enough and mature enough, would they know what to do in the event of a house fire?

 Stay Safe!