Bullying Intervention Group - BIG Anti-Bullying Award

A big congratulations to the anti-bullying ambassadors, all staff and the children at the school for the fantastic work that they have put into developing our anti-bullying culture to achieve this award for excellence in challenging bullying.

Highlights of the year so far have included:

  • Training our 14 ambassadors
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Regular anti-bullying assemblies
  • E-Safety training
  • Poster Campaigns
  • A worry Box
  • An new anti-bullying policy for children
  • A full anti-bullying policy for all stakeholders
  • Staff training on anti-bullying
  • The establishment of a school anti-bullying committee
  • An Anti-Bullying Charter
  • Friendship Fridays
  • A games afternoon to develop friendships across year groups
  • Proud To Be Me Day

We are very proud that this has been driven by the children themselves with a little help from Mr Riordan, Miss Allen and Mrs Jones (Governor).

Well done to everyone involved. Keep up the great work!