Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Agree a clear Definition of Bullying in our school.

Today at our first anti-bullying ambasador meeting we agreed a new definition of bullying that we are going to share with everyone in our school.

What is Bullying?

" Bullying is repeated unkind behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe."

The 3 Types of Bullying

Verbal - The repeated unkind use of speech, sign language or verbal gestures to intentionally hurt others e.g. name calling, swearing, discriminatory language.

Indirect- Repeated unkind actions which are neither verbal or physical to intentionally hurt others e.g. isolating someone from a group, damaging somebody's property, physical intimidation, spreading rumours,  cyber bullying.

Physical - Repeated unkind use of body contact to hurt others e.g. punching, kicking, spitting at someone.


Cyberbullying is a type of indirect bullying.

Definition: "The use of electronic communication to bully a person."

This will be shared next week in a letter to all parents and children.