Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In September 2018 2 children from every Year 4 , 5 and 6 class were trained by staff from the Diana Award alongside the headteacher, Learning Mentor and Safeguarding Governor. That makes 17 anti-bullying ambassadors in our school!

Thanks to Mark at the Sports Shop who kindly donated 14 hoodies to the school which make the anti-bullying ambassadors more visible on the playground.

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will meet on a regular basis and are planning and delivering a plan to improve anti-bullying in our school.

It is our aim to:

  • Write a school definition of bullying that is shared and understood by children, staff and parents.
  • Ensure that all children, staff and parents understand the different kinds of bullying that can happen.
  • Help children stay safe online.
  • Raise awareness of bullying and support any children affected by this in our school.

To do this during the school year we will:

  • Agree a definition of a bullying for our school.
  • Produce posters and information newletters.
  • Plan and lead assemblies for children.
  • Rewrite our school anti-bullying policy.
  • Hold and lead an information evening for parents.
  • Make a school plege and charter.
  • Organise exciting and helpful events during anti-bullying week.
  • Act as role models in and outside of school.
  • Be upstanders and stand up to bullying in our school.
 Mrs Turner hasmade an  anti-bullying noticeboard for the school hall. If you are a child you will be able to see who we are so you can come and speak to us.
Policies we have written with children and parents 
Please see our new child anti-bullying policy.
Pleae see our full anti-bullying policy.
Staff Training
This year all staff have been trained in creating an anti-bullying culture by Kidscape. This has been followed up with staff meetings led by Mr Riordan and training for our lunchtime supervisors.
Anti-Bullying Week 2019
Children took part in a range of workshops and activities in November. This included looking at e-safety and anti-bullying on line and all children worked with specialist anti-bullying leads from Unique Voice. We finished with a sharing assembly and all made compliments t-shirts for each other which we took home.
Anti-Bullying Week Assembly
Anti-Bullying Charter
In addition to writing both policies the anti-bullying ambassadors have also written an anti-bullying charter that was adopted by the whole school. This is on display in the school entrance. Children showed their support for the charter by adding a finger print to a canvas. Our combined prints are in the shape of a heart and are on display under the charter.
Anti-Bullying Charter
Funday Friendship Thursday
On Thursday the 4th of April we held a Funday Friendship  afternoon. Children brought in board games from home. The classes in each year group were mixed and then children played games with each other and enjoyed a circle time session with the teachers and staff all about friendship. Our anti-bullying ambassadors planned this to help develop friendships across the classes. It was a fab afternoon.
Friendship Fridays
Our anti-bullying commiteee meets at least termly and you will see they have been very busy. The committee is made up of members from all stakeholder groups including a governor and a parent. As a result of feedback from the group we have declared Friday afternoons and Friendship Fridays. The afternoon now consists of dedicated PHSE lessons, circle time and mindfulness activities and ends with Golden Time which is linked to our behaviour policy. This allows children and staff the dedicated curriculum time to develop relationships which work towards the school vision and are key to enhancing our anti-bullying culture.
If you are worried about bullying please tell someone and the school will do everything it can to support you. We have placed a worry box in the school entrance so that you can add any concerns and a member of staff will get back to you, if you don't feel able to talk to an adult first.