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We always encourage all children to read at home and we know many of you have many lovely books to read. In order for your child to continue being able to read book banded reading books selected at their level of reading ability, your child now has an account with Bug Club https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0 where they have been allocated reading books based on their book band or reading age. They have books to read in ‘My Stuff’ and then after completing all of the activities based on the books, they will go into ‘My Library’ to read. Please use our pupil guide below to help you navigate Bug Club. You should have received their username and password through an announcement on Class Charts (the school code is popr). If you have not received this, or have trouble accessing the site, please email your child's year group address.

We recommend reading 1 or 2 books a week rather than racing ahead - quality reading rather than quantity will help you improve your reading more. The first reading should focus on decoding, the second reading will focus on comprehension and completing the activities and try some reading with prosody (intonation, pitch and expression) for a few pages too when you read aloud.

Home learning packs are also available from the Hamilton Trust https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/blog/learning-home-packs/

Each pack contains 5 days of mixed reading, grammar, spelling and writing opportunities, planned around a weekly theme. Some days contain a lot of activities so please don't feel pressured to complete everything. Notes for parents and carers are included, as well as sheets which can be printed for children to work on. However, this is not essential and written responses could be recorded on paper, in a notebook, or typed.

Bug Club User Guide


Daily Maths lessons are provided through White Rose Maths https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ which is a high-quality resource we use in school. For Years 1-6, each lesson video starts with a 'Flashback' to review prior learning, then a short tutorial video with example questions which are fully explained. A follow-up worksheet is provided for each lesson for children to complete, although again, if you don't have access to a printer, these can be completed on paper. Answers are provided so you can talk through your child's work and help them if they get stuck. For Early Years, each week is based around a story book but you don't need to have the book to do the activity.

Please also remind your child to practice their times tables recall frequently using Times Tables Rock Stars. Well done messages and house points are sent to the top 3 children in each Key Stage every Friday and many teachers set their own challenges and rewards for effort. If your child doesn't have their log-in details, please email their year group address for help.

Some activities to you can adapt for all year groups

  • Read a book (oxfordowl.co.uk  teachyourmonster.com to access e-books for younger children).
  • Write a book review, write a new blurb, a further chapter, design a front cover, rewrite the story from the point of view of another character, rewrite the story as a newspaper report.
  • Revise x tables, access times tables rockstars.
  • Plan schedules using clocks to tell the time in different ways, 12 hour, 24 hours, analogue and digital.
  • Follow a recipe focusing on measuring and reading scales.
  • Research the ingredients and nutritional value of the foods in your house - compare and order by sugar content, fat content, carbs and protein etc.
  • Research a character from history- this could be related to our school topics.
  • Make a set of top trump cards based on a category of your choosing.
  • Go on a bug hunt, record what you see and find.
  • Draw the portraits of your family.
  • Make a map or your local area or draw a plan of your house with a key.
  • Design your perfect bedroom - can you make a mood board first?
  • Keep a written or online diary of your time at home - this is living history and will be fun to look back on when you are older.



Some Websites to access for most ages

Click here for a very long list of free website in addition to the links below!

History Resources

KS2 -VE Day Resources May 8th

VE Day Introduction KS2

VE Day KS2 Get Involved at School for use at home

Music Resources

1.Out of the Ark Music @ Home songs and activities

2. Myleene's Music Klass lessons on youtube


PE - Resources and challenges (New March 31st)

Complete these challenges to become a Portishead Primary School stay at home sports ambassador.

NSSPEA_Healthy Body and Mind physical activity and creative ideas.

Gymrun PE activities you can do from home.

A PE challenge will begin on the 1st April and will be led online by Olympic medalist Samantha Murray.

A resource to explain Covid 19 to children

Released today: a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler

Coronavirus - a book for children.

The Department for Education have also been very busy working with key partners to prepare resources to support home learning.

Please see the link below to access a comprehensive list to support home learning hat was released on the 17th of April.

DfE list of online resources to support home learning.

Trust Statement on live lessons.