Care for Pupils / Safeguarding

Care for pupils

Portishead Primary School takes our duty of care extremely seriously and safeguarding is fundamental in our practice. 

Our duty to safeguard children covers a wide range of areas including child protection, e-safety, behaviour, health & welfare, health & safety and attendance.

We work very hard to ensure that all children are safe from harm and feel cared for and respected. The school works with a wide range of agencies including social care, the NHS, North Somerset Safeguarding board and the Local Authority. 

The school has a legal and moral responsibility to pass any concerns about our stakeholders. At school we have a dedicated Pastoral team and lead staff and Governors with responsibility for safeguarding. Staff are regularly safeguarding trained and this covers the "Prevent" agenda. 

Safeguarding Prevent Agenda - Educate Against Hate

Please find a link to a government website that supports schools, teachers and parents in pro-actively working with children to respect and tolerate the wide variety of beliefs we have in our society.

Whilst events related to the rise of ISIS and Al Queda often dominate the news, extremism and hate crimes take many forms and come from all ends of the political and religious spectrum.

If you have any concerns please speak to Mr Riordan or Mrs Strachan.

Who, What & Where? Parent Information

 Who are the school’s designated Child Protection / Safeguarding contacts?

            Richard Riordan—Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)

            Lorraine Strachan – Deputy Headteacher, DSO & Pastoral Team Leader

            Janet Fletcher - E-safety

            Tim Howes—Chair of Governors

            Michael Jordan - Learning Mentor (attendance, behaviour, relationship issues, family support)

What do I do with any concerns I have regarding the protection of children, or concerns about inappropriate adult behaviour towards children?

Come to the school office and ask to speak to a member of the school safeguarding team.  Explain that it is a safeguarding matter.  (You will be seen straight away.)

Where do I find written information/policies regarding Safeguarding/Guidance for safer working practice for adults who work with children?

There are lots of policies and guidance (as listed below) relating to Safeguarding which can all be found on the Policies & Key Documents page.  Hard copies of policies and guidance are available upon request from the School Office.





Health & Safety


Staff Code of Conduct



What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused—summary      

Keeping children safe in education